A Few Words of Welcome

This blog is one of the many volunteer efforts related in some way to Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church.  It’s not Officially Sanctioned or any such thing — that would probably involve a committee — just one member’s thoughts related to religious subjects.  I hope it will be one of many in a blogroll of friends of OPC.  If you’re interested in doing as I do, I’ll do my best to show you the technical side of it.

I came to Oglethorpe Presbyterian because of its online presence (via pcusa.org), so this is my way of extending that presence.  I’m looking forward to presenting my own take on whatever text or sermon happens to be going on at OPC.

But there is a horrible misconception about this church, and maybe churches in general: people think that there’s some sort of theological requirement like believing in God.

This is a terrible lie and you mustn’t pay any attention to it.

Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church is, in my opinion, a theologically diverse umbrella organization for a variety of philanthropic projects.  Some volunteers are inspired to do great things for the community because they believe it’s expected of them by God; others aren’t so sure that there’s a God but they can clearly see a need to improve conditions down here on Earth, and are not willing to wait around for a Second Coming in order for things to improve.

So you’ll see us working on Habitat for Humanity build sites, organizing a food pantry that helps anyone in the area who’s having trouble keeping their own shelves stocked, and establishing relationships at the Druid Hills Night Shelter.  I officially joined OPC standing beside a man who has benefited from that shelter and is now giving back and helping others, and I’m grateful to be working with him as a fellow member.

Bottom line: you don’t have to believe in God to be a part of the cool stuff OPC is accomplishing.  You just have to show up and get your hands dirty.  If you’ve got some ideas about a project that you’d like to organize or get involved in, email info@opcbrookhaven.org and I trust you will be put in touch with kindred spirits.  It worked pretty well for me.

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